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Property Maintenance in Brisbane 

Property Maintenance Brisbane

What type of building or property do you own in Brisbane, QLD? Is it a residential or commercial building? Irrespective of the type of property, you are looking for dependable property maintenance in Brisbane services near me and one such general property maintenance services company nearby would be- JTX Scapes.

Yes. At times, you may not really be able to take care of the general maintenance service of your residential property. It is perfectly understandable. Due to paucity of time, bandwidth and owing to the size of your property, you want the general property maintenance services to be undertaken by experts like JTX Scapes.

What would ideally come under the purview of the general property maintenance services for a residential property? It would include taking care of your garden, landscaping, weeding, mulching, lawn mowing, planting, pruning, trimming, cleaning in and around, and also any repairs or ongoing maintenance services. And all of this is what JTX Scapes also extends to all our customers in and around Brisbane, QLD.

If you are looking for a company that offers general residential property maintenance services in and around Brisbane, then it is JTX Scapes. Get in touch with us on our number 0409541382 or email us at

Why Choose US?

  • Our high-quality workmanship is noticeable and evident in all the services we render.
  • We have all the required certifications and licences in place and most of all, we have the experience.
  • We are affordable and stick to scthe budget and the committed time.
  • For any service that we undertake, we are with you from start to finish.

If you are looking for a free no obligations quote, we will definitely provide one. But if you are requesting for a specific design or related request, there is a consultation fee that is chargeable.

To learn more about any of our services, connect with us on our number 0409541382 or email us at

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