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Is property maintenance a tough job? Aren’t you able to find the right services that will cater to all your needs for general building property maintenance in Griffin? As body corp owners are you staring at challenges and struggling to fulfill your responsibilities?

Body Corp Property Maintenance

Here we are. JTX Scapes. We’ll make sure that we undertake the property maintenance services that you need in Griffin. Irrespective of the size of the property, we’ll take up commercial property maintenance in Griffin. As professional strata managers, we have comprehensive packages to suit your needs.

We understand that taking care of the commercial property maintenance in Griffin is challenging. Which is why we are here, to provide property maintenance services for all your commercial, residential and corporation property maintenance requirements. To maintain your strata title, we will assist you by offering inclusive body corp maintenance services. Our comprehensive property management services include taking care of your lawns, servicing of landscape, getting rid of weeds, mulching, irrigation system installation, lawn mowing, planting, plowing and trimming of grass on the turf, pruning, trimming and cleaning of lawns, any other installation, repairing and turn management services. We extend our services to your commercial, residential, office and body corporation and building strata maintenance.

Property maintenance services we offer

  • General Commercial Property Maintenance in Griffin
  • Body Corp and Strata Property Maintenance
  • Body Corporate Maintenance Services
  • Body Corp Property Maintenance
  • Strata Maintenance Services
  • Strata Property Maintenance Services
  • Turf Repairs and Maintenance in Griffin
  • Turf Repair in Griffin
  • Turf Maintenance in Griffin
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Irrigation System Installers in Griffin
  • New Irrigation Systems in Griffin

Benefits of Property maintenance in Griffin

  • Get over the hassle of body corp maintenance
  • Invest in a comprehensive solution for all your body corp maintenance needs
  • Years of experience and skilled professionals extend quality services
  • Reduce management fees of your body corporate by investing in our packages
  • Put your money in
Best Body corp and strata property maintenance in Griffin

The search for the body corp and strata property maintenance in Griffin ends with us. We have years of experience in body corp property maintenance services and make sure that our customers are happy with the strata property maintenance services.

We have years of experience and make sure that we extend quality services, when it comes to body corporation maintenance, repairs and more.

Property Maintenance Griffin
As part of our body corp property maintenance services we take care of
  • Floor cleaning.
  • Tile cleaning.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Maintaining the lawns
  • Water damage restoration.
  • Pressure cleaning.
  • Overall Maintenance, repairs, and allied services.

Irrigation System Installation

JTX Scapes has years of experience and skilled professionals to meet all your needs related to irrigation system installation in Griffin. The most important step in good landscape care and maintenance is to handle the irrigation systems like the sprinkler, fitters and other installations that supplies water. Taking care of the watering of plants with good sprinkler or irrigation installation will lead to healthy plants, grass and trees in the lawns. We’ll take care of the irrigation system that has to be installed, anywhere in and around Brisbane, QLD.

Important factors like climate conditions, location, the size and area of the garden are considered while installing the irrigation systems. Our irrigation installers will make sure that all your needs related to irrigation system installers in Griffin and irrigation system repairs in Griffin are met.

For all your property maintenance needs in Griffin, connect with JTX Scapes on the following numbers- 0409541382 or email us at

Why Choose US?

  • Our high-quality workmanship is noticeable and evident in all the services we render.
  • We have all the required certifications and licences in place and most of all, we have the experience.
  • We are affordable and stick to scthe budget and the committed time.
  • For any service that we undertake, we are with you from start to finish.

If you are looking for a free no obligations quote, we will definitely provide one. But if you are requesting for a specific design or related request, there is a consultation fee that is chargeable.

To learn more about any of our services, connect with us on our number 0409541382 or email us at

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